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Herbicide free weed control


The best cultivator for mechanical weed control especially for organic farming and no tillage.

How does KvickFinn work?

The KVICK-FINN cultivator is a combination of open and good goosefoot cultivator, a pto driven rotor, a pickup and a separator. The special goosefoot cuts off the roots of the weeds, cultivates the soil and lifts the roots closer to the field surface. The special designed spring tines off the rotor grab the roots, shake off the earth while throwing them high up in the air and far behind the machine. Because of their toughness and lighter weight, the roots land later on the top of the field, far from the soil growth resources; water and nutrients. On the top of the field the weeds are being exposed to sun rays and wind, to dry up and lose their power of life.

Effective root weed control - Long-lasting effect

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Destruction of cover crops - Effective soil improvement

The technical solution after glyphosate - The future

For more information:

Boris Lindgård

+358 500 567611

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